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The Pediatric Test Catalog offers a single, comprehensive source for test information related to pediatric testing. This catalog combines the test requirements information from the Mayo Clinic Laboratories Test Catalog and the clinical and interpretive information found in the Mayo Clinic Laboratories Interpretive Handbook. Pediatricians and physicians in family practice will find this guide especially useful.

For a concise listing of laboratory tests that provide age-matched reference values, refer to the Pediatric Test Reference Values catalog, which includes only the reference value information.


Pediatric Test Reference Values and Additional Resources

Establishing age-specific reference ranges for children is challenging, but necessary, as their biologic and developmental characteristics may vary significantly between ages and from adults. Pediatric Test Reference Values includes those tests currently available from Mayo Clinic Laboratories that are relevant to the care of pediatric patients.

Additionally, the Pediatric Draw Calculator and Weight Chart can assist in providing the maximum allowable blood collection volume for a pediatric patient, based on their weight.

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